is a lead collection service, which host a landing page on a given url.


The backend should consist of two roles. The super admin should have access to create customers, which should come with an admin user for it's self. This particular user/customer, should have access to manage their own campaigns.


Managing campaigns

The campaign section should list all compaigns, with options to CRUD.

Creating campaigns

A user can create a campaign, which includes:

  • Type of campaign (hosted, widget)
  • Campaign start and end date
  • Name of campaign
  • URL slug
  • Background graphic

Monitoring campaign

Each campaign should have it's own page, where stats and other interesting things can be displayed about that particular campaign.


Every campaign has a their own landing page. The details of the content of the page should be generated with details provided by the database.

Hosted page designer

Possible elements:

  • Background graphic
  • General settings
    • Default font family
  • Text box with/without label
    • Basic settings
      • type (single/multi line)
      • name (placeholder/label)
      • width/height
      • position
      • data field reference
    • Advanced settings
      • padding
      • color: text/background
      • font size
      • font family
      • custom css
  • CTA Button
    • Basic settings
      • text
      • width/height
    • Advanced settings
      • color: text/background
      • border settings (color, radius)